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“Quorum Sensing” Control = Unprecedented Microbial/Scale Management

The beauty of what BiCARBUS ™* scale control offers is that one doesn’t have to rely solely on our claims of superior effectiveness—microbiological research has now explained the why and how it works. Our technological approach is so refreshingly different from traditional water treatment that without clarification of the science involved by Dr. Bonnie Bassler of Princeton University, admittedly, like Edison’s electric light bulb, it does seem improbable if not impossible at first. Her credentials and accomplishments provide unequaled credibility. Dr. Bonnie Bassler is an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a MacArthur Fellow, the Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology and Chair of the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University.

Her brilliant discovery of how bacteria “talk” to each other using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks is called “quorum sensing.” Without this quorum sensing it is impossible for bacteria to produce pathogenesis (the origination and development of disease). Our concern as humans is that these “harboraged” (sheltered) bacteria through quorum sensing launch their virulent (the ability of the organism to invade tissue) attack synergistically and they are going to be successful. In the negative sense, they will be visible in bacterial biofilm that can become scaling, and in the bacterial ailments that cause sickness and even death.

Pathogenesis is caused by bacterial Quorum Sensing (the communication of bacteria), that’s how it works. According to Dr. Bassler, being able to negate that communication has “stunning implications for medicine and industry!”

Scaling, which is accumulated biofilm, is caused in the same way, organized microbes produce “resistivity” or permanence within a circuit by creating mineral scale shelters that dramatically reduce efficiencies and increase operational costs. Using the common traditional methods of treatment (alternating biocides between oxidants and nonoxidants along with biodispersants to limit CFUs) is simply ineffective because quorum sensing persists.

The uncommon and unforeseen benefits of BiCARBUS are that the science discussed by Dr. Bassler is available right now!  NSF-60 Certified BiCARBUS disrupts quorum sensing by stopping bacterial communication at ambient pH (7+ nonacid), and as the greenest product on the market! This also means that the microorganisms that cause scaling are deactivated and existing scaling simply comes apart (releases), which prevents ongoing scale accumulation.

Disinfectant resistant bacteria (DRB) persist in every water system–period! The adaptive nature of bacteria enables them to thrive even with high chlorine levels and excessive heat environments. The solution is to control quorum sensing which is a complete reality with BiCARBUS—where bacteria are rendered harmless as evidenced by Dr. Bonnie Bassler’s remarkable discovery. You will experience “nondetects” with BiCARBUS, AND be Ashrae 188 compliant!

An amazing benefit of this manner of water treatment is that flowing water from the injection point of BiCARBUS becomes an antimicrobial that is actually capable of destroying pathogens all while remaining completely safe to drink! BiCARBUS is a replacement for hydrochloric acid (HCl) as well as sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) as it is both a descaler and a highly effective antimicrobial intervention within one treatment. Because of the unique formulation of BiCARBUS, it does not add to corrosion concerns either. Experience these promised “stunning implications” for your operation now!Larger Key Icon for Website

Your “KEY” to better understand quorum sensing as discussed so clearly by Dr. Bonnie Bassler is in this 2-minute video clip:

Additional detailed clips as well as examples and testimonials of those who’ve experienced the BiCARBUS phenomenon will be available on this website soon. Put this science to good use, the benefits and byproducts will please and amaze. Our objective is to under promise and over deliver.