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REFRIGERATION TOWER SCALE REMOVED. Condition of refrigeration tower BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) scale removal with BiCARBUS BOOST technology.
WYOMING ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEM INCREASED PERMEABILITY. After treating the membranes with one gallon of BiCARBUS BOOST, clean-in-place (CIP) increased in permeability.
LAS VEGAS COOLING TOWER/CONDENSER SYSTEM DESCALE VALIDATION. Tube ends and tube sheet BEFORE BiCARBUS BOOST treatment (center) and AFTER treatment (right).
ALMOND GROVE IRRIGATION SYSTEM CLEANED. BiCARBUS treatment was effective in a short period of time—within several hours it removed bio-scales within the irrigation lines, as well as cleaning the filtration system which began backflushing over four times the previous cycle rate.
NORTHERN UTAH HOSPITAL WATER SYSTEM CLEANED BY FOLLOWING ASHRAE 188-2015 RISK MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS. BiCARBUS BOOST treatment utilizing "quorum sensing" control removed latent biofilm and harborage in the entire water distribution system.
CITY WELL REHABILITATED WITH BiCARBUS BOOST. Initial volume, well waste discharge basin (left). Discharge cleaned, resulting in more flow than before (right).
CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, LAS VEGAS, FLUID COOLER CLEANED ONLINE. Initial tube condition (left), scale released as a result of BiCARBUS BOOST treatment (center), and clean tubes after treatment (right).

Superior Bacteriological Control from a New Technologically Advanced Technique of Deposit & Bio-scale Removal & Prevention in Water Systems

Microbes can resist all forms of disinfection.

We live in an age of super-resistant microbes. No matter what form of decontamination employed they persist. How they do this has recently been discovered by two leading universities, Princeton and Harvard.

Princeton University research confirms that individually, bacterium is harmless—it is through "quorum sensing" (the ability of bacteria to communicate) that bacteria unite in power and purpose collectively to create biofilm and scale, and the more serious health- and life-threatening, contamination and pathogenesis.

BiCARBUS B00ST thwarts "quorum sensing!" The stunning implication of this discovery is that your disinfection combined with BiCARBUS B00ST will provide the safest and highest quality drinking water—free of biofilm, scale, and microbial concerns. Plus, these results will come faster, be more effective, and cost less than any other form of chlorination.

Formation of Biofilm

Today is the age of super bugs--antibiotic-resistant bacteria are everywhere. Bacteria have become resistant to chlorine!
Research from leading universities demonstrates how single cell organisms can resist highly concentrated forms of disinfection.

HARVARD: Watch as E. coli resists 1,000X higher strength antibiotics within 11 days ...

Strength of Resistance

How resistant and how fast Biocolonies Form
Just like E. coli, and all other bacteria in the world of medicine resists antibiotics, all bacteria in your water distribution system become resistant to disinfection and all types of chlorine.

PRINCETON: Dr. Bonnie Bassler, "Individually, bacteria are harmless - it's through "Quorum Sensing" (bacterial communication) that bacteria unite in power and purpose to cause resistance and pathogenesis..."

How Bacteria Become Resistant

Researchers discovered how QUORUM SENSING works to build Biofilms and Pathogens
The ability to block "Quorum Sensing" has stunning implications for medicine and industry, according to Dr. Bassler.
In the case of water-borne bacteria within public water systems, if communication can be blocked, then these bacteria remain powerless to form resistant biofilms and bio-scale. The result is total microbial control.

Our Technology


Blocking "Quorum Sensing Molecules" elevates effectiveness of chlorination thereby eliminating the need for dual biocides

Often, two alternative disinfectants are employed to counter adaptation. Standard chemistry can reduce colony forming units (CFUs) but can’t totally eliminate them, they simply adapt fast enough to withstand any treatment.

Total microbial control can be achieved by eliminating "quorum sensing" within bio-colonies communication. Without a capacity to vote, the organization breaks down to individuals that are incapable of adapting. In this manner, BiCARBUS B00ST scale control treatment eliminates existing scaled colonies and continuously makes all water nonscaling. Scale formations are released at ambient pH, and future biofouling is prevented.


Facility Water

It has become apparent that all facilities are an "end of system" appendage to their municipal water distribution systems and, as such, facilities are prone to
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Industrial Process Water

Adding BiCARBUS to source water for production facilities not only cleans out distribution and storage, but can elevate
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Municipal Water

From diminished well capacity to loss of disinfection in distribution, BiCARBUS B00ST scale control treatment is the cost effective answer to saving
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Food & Beverage Processing

Product runs, along with clean-in-place (CIP) control points, require strict monitoring of surface accumulation of scale
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Works more Effectively Than Acids Yet Safer

hydrochloric-acid-ar_10800153_250x250BiCARBUS BOOST treatment works faster, more thoroughly at 7-9 pH
than at 1 pH, is nonhazardous, noncorrosive, and is measurable by industry standard instrumentation.

NSF Standard 60 Certification

BiCARBUS B00ST scale control treatment is a green/ nonhazardous solution and is NSF Standard 60 Certified.
_editor_Water shaking - water treatment chemicals photoWe are established on a direct marketing platform to deliver access to this microbial control on an unrestricted basis. Sold as a liquid, injected by standard chemical feed systems, offered without contractual obligation, allows for unobstructed access.

Using the product requires no additional training of personnel. Our mission is
to be a reliable supplier of this advanced microbial control.

Product Information

Find out more about BiCARBUS B00ST scale control.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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